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InternetPace - Test your speed from any device

Test your speed from any device


What is an Internet Speed Test?

Is a test that will show you the connection speed in between you and the connected server to test your internet speed. In this process the download and upload speed is shown, also the ping. Your speed may vary depending diferent factors such as the time of the day, network congestion or even the type of your device.


How Internetpace Works??

Because Java and Flash are obsolete technologies, and uses many resources from your devices, internetpace uses HTML5 as the core of our application. Today all modern mobile devices are fully compatible with HTML5 and therefore with InternerPace.

Why Use InternetPace?

Many times we want to know why our internet speed is slow or why certain application or pages do not work as they should. Some Internet providers promise speeds that do not meet. With internetpace you can test your connection accurately and fast without the need to install other programs.

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